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Our software solution is a fantastic fit for companies operating in production-style environments, such as builders, contractors, professional services manufacturing and more. 

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Design Jobs >>                                   Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

Active Jobs on MIR are only counted if they are currently in progress, with inactive, warranty, and archived jobs excluded. Jobs are made up of cost codes, job parts, and item codes, and are used to create designs that include vendors, task durations, and predecessors. 

Active jobs involve job schedules, purchase orders, payments, communication, and attachments, and unlimited storage is available for job-related files such as blueprints and permits.

Manual Jobs >>                                   Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

On MIR, there are unlimited manual jobs available for subscribers to create purchase orders and schedule work dates for smaller projects like remodels. Manual jobs store job documents, has the ability to adjust the schedule, and can choose which vendor to send the POs to.

Support Hours >>                                       2                                                    10                                               12

When you subscribe, you get support hours which are used for creating your database and developing your account. They don't renew monthly. If you use up your support hours, you can get hourly back-office support from MIR. 

HR >> 

MIR HR offers two clocking options for staff time and PTO: a time clock and a job clock. The time clock is essential for employees, while the job clock tracks location time. Reports are available for both clocks. An add-on subscription provides map location capturing for transparency and accountability.

COI Management >> 

MIR has made it easy to remember yearly COI audits by integrating vendor COIs with the payment process. If a vendor's COI is expired, MIR won't allow a purchase order to be marked as paid. The assigned vendor's COI expiration date is also displayed on each purchase order to protect all users from a lapse in coverage. Vendors can upload their COIs directly from the MIR dashboard, saving businesses time and effort.

Dashboard >> 

MIR has a user-friendly dashboard that displays purchase order statuses and allows users to customize what they see. The dashboard also offers direct communication with MIR support staff for any assistance needed.

Private Users >>                                 Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

With private user access, you can share information with specific people without involving staff or vendors. With customized permissions, MIR ensures that you can share only what you want to share with each private user, making it easier to handle audits and investor requests.

PO Images >>                                             3                                                     6                                                   12

Staff and vendors can attach up to 3 items to each purchase order with MIR. If more attachments are needed, an add-on subscription can be purchased.

Users >>                                               Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

MIR lets you have as many users as you want; the account admin can create logins with specific permissions for each user.

Scheduling >> 

MIR has developed a system that connects your company, staff, vendors, and clients in one location, allowing for efficient project management from conception to warranty. Live data streams through their cloud-based systems, enabling field staff to manage more projects more efficiently. Upon completion of work, vendors submit for payment and project managers can approve or reject the work, with office staff being notified of approved purchases.

Project Management >> 

MIR job schedules look ahead and provide a projected end date for each project. If a schedule needs to be changed, one date can be adjusted and MIR will update all other dates and provide a new projected end date. Vendors only see schedules for the parts they are assigned to, which makes it easier for them to access the information they need. Vendors receive email notifications and can also view schedule adjustments through their login.

Accounting >> 

MIR has a reliable accounting system that works with all their software. You can easily pay purchase orders by selecting a payment account and printing a check or paying online. This saves time and reduces errors. The report of payments section also lets you make manual payments and attach expenses to any job. MIR has automated the accounting process for a seamless operation.

Reports >>                                            Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

MIR Reports makes it easy to collect data while using the software and provides accurate project budgets and data at any time.

Estimating >>                                        Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

With MIR, you can easily create bid requests, get estimates, and save vendor pricing all in one place. Plus, you can review your history of estimates for future reference.

Job Forecasting >> 

Job Forecasting conveniently displays important dates and information for all ongoing construction jobs in one place, including start and end dates, days in construction, close dates, and warranty end dates.

MIR Drive >>                                             1GB                                                5GB                                            25GB

MIR offers 1 GB of free cloud storage to its subscribers. MIR Drive is a secure platform for storing, organizing, and sharing job-related photos, videos, and documents. It allows the admin to control user permissions and take ownership of documents if an employee leaves. Additional storage can be added with a subscription.

Surveys >>                                           Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

MIR surveys enable you to build a database of surveys that can be sent out manually or automatically to collect feedback and testimonials from customers and suppliers.

Invoicing >>                                          Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

MIR invoicing makes it easy to collect money from clients through credit cards and ACH payments. The feature is simple to set up and all financial information is safely stored with Stripe. Best of all, the money collected is directly deposited into your account.

Vendor Portal >>                               Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

MIR offers a free portal for vendors to stay updated on schedules, review job files, and submit purchase orders for payment. This paperless process simplifies accounts payables for builders.

Client Portal >>                                  Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

MIR provides a free client account for warranty, communication, and secure document sharing. They also send automatic emails to remind clients when their builder warranty has expired. Paid clients receive monthly newsletters for routine maintenance reminders and resources for warranty after the builder's warranty expires.

Warranty >>                                        Unlimited                                    Unlimited                                  Unlimited

Keep track of warranty requests, stages, and communicate with homeowners in one place. Warranty WPO expenses are tracked separately in your MIR reports.

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 MIR offers additional hourly support that will be billed directly to the credit card used to subscribe.

Additional Features & Services

MIR Drive

Each subscriber account
comes with 1 GB standard.



25 GB of digital storage



50 GB of digital storage



75 GB of digital storage

PO Images

Each subscriber account
holds 3 Images per PO standard.



6 images per purchase order



12  images per purchase order



Unlimited  images 

per purchase order

Map Location Capturing



Track staff's location and see a street view when they clock
in/out or add mileage.

Back Office Support



Data Management

Estimating and Bids

Job Starts and Scheduling

Design/Template Creation

Accounts Receivable and Payable

Staff Payroll

Add Ons can be purchased under Subscriptions in My Profile.

 Purchased Add Ons will be charged to your credit card on file on a month to month basis.

The rate & terms will be displayed in each Add On. Purchased Add Ons can be canceled at any time.




5 Users

Maintenance Reminders

Personal Accounting

MIR Drive - 1 GB

Warranty - Between Builder
& Homeowner

Discounts on
Professional Home Services




Unlimited users

View Purchase Orders

Track Status of
Purchase Orders


Company Accounting

MIR Drive - 1 GB

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On-boarding trainings are available for you, your team,
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